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Month: February 2016

Love from Afar, Traveling Without Your Babies

Love from Afar, Traveling Without Your Babies

Similar Hat I’ve said it before, but I’m gonna say it again. I’m on my way to Miami for #momcation16 with my girl Kara. You know I’ve been looking forward to this since we dreamt it up a few months ago. The excitement grew when we […]

Zoo Days

Zoo Days

  There are so many things that I love about living in Minnesota. Winters, however, are not one of them. I have noticed that my distaste for the winter has only grown since having Atlas. It’s too cold to go outside and play, so I […]

Working In Your Workout

Working In Your Workout

Working Out - Happily Henrich


At the beginning of the year, just like so many others, Josh and I decided we needed to get fit. We took the plunge and joined a gym. We made a pact to workout at least three times a week.

So far, I’ve reached that goal each week. (I’ve even surpassed it!) However, as the brand-spanking-new membership card started to lose it’s shine, it’s become harder to work in time to workout.

Josh workouts right away in the morning, before work. I am still sleeping at this time – or chasing around an early-riser in a half zombie state. #mombie

At first, I went anytime a group class looked interesting and Josh was home to watch Atty. This lost it’s charm.

*I didn’t know what else to do other than attend different classes. I don’t really know how to workout without someone telling me what to do. I still enjoy a few group classes, but I’m trying to learn more about weights and lifting.

The random schedule just wasn’t working. When I had a little time, I wasn’t motivated to go. When I was motivated to go, I didn’t have the time. We decided we needed to develop some sort of schedule/expected time for me to workout.

I tried working out right when Josh got home from work at five. But um… the gym is completely full at five o’clock. At least our gym is. And it physically PAINS me to stand around waiting for ten minutes for a machine, bench, weights,… when I am supposed to be spending that time working out. Needless to say, this time didn’t work for me.

So, I tried after dinner, around eight o’clock. It seemed to be a great solution, at the time. The gym is almost empty at eight. But, working out right after I ate dinner wasn’t exactly my favorite, and I was constantly racing through my workout to get home to put Atlas to bed.

Now, I’m trying late-night workouts. Heading to the gym after I get Atlas down for the night. It sounds like it might work… right?

When do you work in time to workout? Do you have a consistent schedule?

I’d love to hear how you find the time in the comments below.