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Atlas George • 20 Months Old

Atlas George  •  20 Months Old

Atlas George 20 Months Old

Dear Atlas George,

Wow. I cannot believe that you are already 20 months old. You are so much closer to 2 than 1, and that is just something I cannot wrap my head around.

My baby boy is almost two years old. Where did the time go?

Everyday you are learning new things and surprising mommy with your intelligence. You are the smartest little one I have ever met.

You already know the entire alphabet, with the exception of three letters – K, Q, and Y. The rest you can point out or say the name of yourself. We started learning the letters during bath time, and then began pointing them out everywhere we go. Books. Signs. Fridge Magnets. Everywhere.

You say the number 2 and only the number 2. I think it has become a game that you will not say the number 1. When we try, you get a smirk on your face and just say the number 2. Really, I cannot fault you because it does come next.

You love to point out airplanes and birds. Whether it be in the car, on a walk, or from the kitchen window. And you always get really excited when you see two. You exclaim two! It’s adorable. Other than that you love your drums, playing with daddy’s guitar, and the rainbow stacking buckets you got from you Great Grandmother.

You are almost consistently sleeping through the night. You normally begin to stir at 6:30 in the morning – but don’t actually wake up until 7:30 or 8. If you do wake, it’s normally only once around 1 or 2 in the morning. You had a strong streak going there, ten days or so, before our California vacation. I think the change to our sleeping arrangements, being in a hotel and all, threw you off. Hopefully, you’ll get back into the hang of it soon. You seem to love your big boy bed, and that makes mom and dad very happy.

You say so many words I cannot even think of them all to count. I’d say you probably say two hundred or so words. And you comprehend pretty much everything these days. One of my favorite things is being able to really converse with you as of late. You will respond, and actually keep the conversation going, which just tickles me to no end.

We’d started to be able to reason with you. Mostly, “if this, than that” statements. If you eat two more bites, you can be done. If you stop screaming, you can have your toy. If you give mommy a kiss, she will come with you. Yeah, I like to steal kisses as much as possible.

You really are growing up so quickly. I see you change everyday right before my eyes. Part of me wants to scream, stay little – stop growing up so fast! Yet, another part of me is so excited to see you grow, and learn. Everyday is so new and exciting with you.

We love you more than you could ever know.


Atlas George 20 Months Old Atlas George 20 Months Old Atlas George 20 Months Old Atlas George 20 Months Old Atlas George 20 Months Old Atlas George 20 Months Old Atlas George 20 Months Old Atlas George 20 Months Old

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