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Atty Goes To The Museum

Atty Goes To The Museum

Atty goes to the Minnesota Children's Museum |

I am always in the market for new and fun activities to do with Atlas. Lately, his attention span has been shrinking and keeping him entertained has become harder and harder. So, I decided to shake up our day a bit with a new adventure – the Minnesota Children’s Museum in Saint Paul.

I’ll be honest, I’m not a huge fan of spending twenty bucks for an hour or two of entertainment. Normally, I’d steer clear of an activity with such a high price tag. Okay, I know twenty bucks really isn’t that expensive, but twenty bucks everyday adds up. However, a friend recommended the Minnesota Children’s Museum Saint Paul and said that even at his age it is worth it. I was a little skeptical, but was at a loss for ideas. We went. We loved it. We even bought a membership. Reasonably priced, and totally worth it in my eyes. I’d recommend it.

We bought our ‘tickets’, they are stickers that you have to wear – Atlas loved it. The man recommended we start at the Habitot exhibit.

On our way upstairs, we got sidetracked at the Mini Our World exhibit. This room is filled with all the items you’d find in a real market, and cafe. Fake food that looks really real, shopping carts, and a working cash register kept Atlas busy for well over a half hour. He’d fill the shopping cart with food, naming them as he went, and crash the cart into the register. Then we’d play with all the buttons on the register as we pretended to ring up the food. And… we do it again. And again. Finally, I had to trick him into leaving so we could see a little more of the museum. Seriously, we could have spent the whole day at this one exhibit.

We finally made it to the Habitot exhibit, which is basically a playground made to look like four different nature scenes. It’s all soft and perfect for little littles. The exhibit was so little-friendly that I felt completely comfortable sitting down and just watching my little man adventure. You could see how proud of himself he was when he would conquer a new challenge all by himself, and this mommy didn’t mind sitting on her tush for a while. Really, I didn’t mind. He really enjoyed climbing into all the tree caves, and planting the fabric flowers in the ‘dirt’. Also, there is a gorgeous circular window in the room that looks out over the street. He loved watching all the cars below. Plus, it’s a great photo-opp.

We briefly stopped into Earth World. This exhibit is filled with all things nature, and we will most definitely be spending more time in here in the future. Atlas really enjoyed searching for the turtle in the aquarium and building with all the wooden pieces on the upper level. We were going to play in the anthill, but truthfully, I was so scared he would get lost I didn’t let him. Helicopter mom. I think when he is a little older the anthill will become a favorite, but until then I just can’t.

Right now, they have the Very Eric Carle: A Very Hungry, Quiet, Lonely, Clumsy, Busy exhibit. It was a beautiful exhibit; it looked just like his books. There wasn’t a ton to do with a one and a half-year old, but we ran around a bit and enjoyed all the pretty things. For an older kiddo it would be a lot of fun – coloring + gluing station, 3D puzzles, kaleidoscope station and lots of stuff to climb on.

We barely made it to half of the museum before nap time snuck up on us, and I was convinced that we needed to get a membership. We did, and I know that we will be going back soon. On a rainy day, on a really hot day, or on a day mom wants to sit while he plays – you’ll find us at the Minnesota Children’s Museum. They have two other locations (Rochester + Mall of America) that I’m really excited to try too.

Follow along with all the fun on Instagram, #attygoestothemuseum + let me know in the comments what you favorite exhibits are.

Atty goes to the Minnesota Children's Museum | Atty goes to the Minnesota Children's Museum |

Atty goes to the Minnesota Children's Museum | Atty goes to the Minnesota Children's Museum | Atty goes to the Minnesota Children's Museum |

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