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Easter; family, food, and too much candy

Today, we spent the day with my mother’s side of the family celebrating Easter. I feel like our family traditions for Easter are pretty basic. We do ham, cheesy potatoes, and family time. This year, we brought back the Easter egg hunt finally having enough littles to enjoy it.

My cousin put together the sweetest Easter egg hunt for the kids. She went so crazy – there were 72 eggs for 3 kids! Plus, they each got a big toy and bubbles! Seriously, my child is so blessed and forever spoiled with such loving family around.

It was too cute to watch Atlas figure out the egg hunt. At first, he noticed the stuffed plastic eggs but must have thought they weren’t for him because he left them alone. A few minutes later, he pointed to one. Only after I told him he could, did he picked it up, promptly setting it back down where it belonged.

It wasn’t until he and daddy were playing under the table that he became interested. He accidentally kicked one and M&M’s split out. He quickly decided it was worth his time to look for more.

At this point, he became really focused on finding the candy filled eggs. We called the other kids and the hunt began.

Immediately, Atlas piled eggs into his arms until he couldn’t carry anymore. I got him his basket and he threw them in. He found a few more, then decided he needed to open them all to eat the candy he had found.

After a little prompting, I got his focus redirected on finding the eggs. He’d stop to pet the dog, but was back at it pretty adamantly. Stopping every egg or two for a piece of candy. When the hunt was over, all he wanted was to crack the eggs and get his goodies. So, Grandma got him a small bowl and put a few chocolates in it for him.

It was adorable, yet so naughty; he would bring the bowl to Grandma and ask for more. Of course, she obliged. He had WAY more candy than any one year old should. Later on in the night, he found his own Tupperware container in my aunt’s cabinet and asked for more. Resourceful kid. 

I cannot even explain how my heart melted seeing his excitement over the egg hunt. Watching him find each egg and ow and ah over them – shaking each one to hear the candy inside. Then, he’d gasp, toss it in his basket, and go in search of another. Or he’d open it and stuff as many in his mouth as he could before mom noticed.

I spend my life watching him discover and learn. His excitement about life is so refreshing. If I’ve learned one thing since becoming a parent, it is learning to see the joy in life again. The littlest things put the biggest smiles on Atty’s face – and that, that is exactly how I want to live life.

Also, I completely forgot to take pictures. Gasp. The only one I snapped, Atlas was unhappy that I put his bunny ears on his head. I’ll have to do better tomorrow as the Easter fun continues. Follow along, #attydoeseaster.

 Easter with the Mom's Family

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