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Life with Atlas George

‘Enjoy the little things in life because one day you`ll look back and realize they were the big things.’ – Kurt Vonnegut

I really, truly believe that the greatest moments in life are the everyday, ‘simply living life’ moments. Moments which, at the time, seem insignificant, but make you feel warm inside. They may be sweet, funny, or even infuriating; but these are the moments we look back on and sigh, thinking how wonderful our lives are.

I never want to forget our little moments.

So, I’ve decided I am going to start writing down some of our little moments in a new series, Life with Atlas George. Moments that make me happy – make me giggle – or make me want to scream. Short little anecdotes that make life with Atlas George so wonderfully entertaining.


During our playdate with baby Joshua

The boys were both snacking on Yogurt Melts while playing. I had a few in my hand for Atlas to grab as he pleased.

Atlas grabbed one. Joshua noticed, came over and quickly snatched up all the remaining melts. His mother told him they weren’t for him – he grinned and ate them anyways. Kids will be kids.

So I went into the kitchen, and got a few more. As I walked back into the living room, both boys noticed the Yogurt Melts. Atlas having noticed what Joshua did last time – ran to me, and quicker than I’ve ever seen before, began to stuff each and every Yogurt Melt into his mouth. Not stopping to chew, swallow, or enjoy. He looked like a squirrel with nuts.

At this point, us moms were cracking up at these boys. The best part, both our greedy boys began laughing along with us.

Counting to Two | Life with Atlas George

Counting to Two

Over the past few weeks or so, Atlas has learned almost half the alphabet. So, Josh and I keep trying to teach him to count… but it isn’t going so well.

Us: One.
Atlas: Two.

Us: Two.
Atlas: Two.

Us: Atlas, can you say one? wa-un.
Atlas: Two!

Us: One. Two. Three.
Atlas: Two.

He won’t say the number one. If you say one, he says two – knowing it comes next. He won’t say three. If you say two, to get him to count – he just copies you. We’ve decided two is his favorite number.

Rory Gilmore is my girlfriend

Rory Gilmore

We joke and say that Rory is his girlfriend. When he was a teeny-tiny baby, we watched Gilmore Girls in entirety on Netflix, because #lifewithanewborn. Recently, I’ve been turning it on for background noise when I’m making breakfast, or playing around the house. For a child who never watches TV, like he won’t sit for more than a minute for Curious George, Daniel Tiger, or Mickey Mouse – Rory comes on the screen, and he’s still. With a BIG smile on his face. When she’s gone, he’s off running. I think it’s safe to say, she is his first crush.

Also, he dances to television show theme songs, and it’s adorable.


I’m hoping to make this a monthly thing – if not more. Stay tuned… + follow along #lifewithatlasgeorge.



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