MARCH 6TH, 2016 7:50PM

I was here, in that seat.

There I sat, alone at the bar (early of course), sipping on a whiskey cocktail as I waited for my Bumble date to show up. 

A familiar routine for any single man living in New York City who hadn’t been in a serious relationship since college.

It was a date I was particularly excited about, as the woman I was meeting seemed to check all my boxes:

  • beautiful

  • big smile

  • a love for the outdoors

  • artistic

  • just a bit country (you know saying “ya’ll”, but not “I reckon”)

Right on time, the first and only time, walks Delaney Brooke Johnson.

I don’t remember exactly what went through my head, or how fast my heart was racing, but I can visualize the scene over and over like it was yesterday, crystal clear reception. 

Her big blonde hair, her bright, shining smile with perfect white teeth, but the hook line and sinker was those deep ocean blue eyes, those eyes… 

 The date went off without a hitch, with just the perfect amount of romantic bliss, yet not too serious, as it was clear both of us were still just big kids at heart.

  In order to negotiate a kiss goodnight, I had to win a game of “thumb war,” she insisted I play with my surgically repaired thumb. 


This is where if our relationship was a romantic-comedy there would be an antagonist or a problem, exposing some chink in the armor that is our relationship. 

Unfortunately for the movie viewer, this flick is without a complex issue, no dramatic sequence that led us apart and back together again. 

From day one Delaney and I have just worked, and we fell in love quickly. 

That is not to say we have not had our problems, our struggles, our bickering.

She is constantly late and loves to leave a wake of destruction wherever she goes in our apartment.

I zone out mid conversation and randomly begin to practice my golf swing while she explains something of critical importance.

It was rather quickly that I began to realize that we were the best version of each other when we were together.

I have felt from the beginning that 1+1=3  (3.25 if you include Moo) with us.



 So I decided to lock that shit up. 

We had never discussed marriage.

Delaney had never pressured me.

I had never even bought her so much as a pair of earrings. 

The first time she brought it up, I had just paid off the final installment of her engagement ring. I panicked and said the first snotty comment I could think of trying to feed her misdirection. I could feel the eyes roll to the back of her head, I only had to hold out for another week at this point. That’s a time period I could endure, especially in order to completely catch her by surprise.  




I dropped to one knee in our favorite spot to walk Moo in Hudson park. 

Later that day ,celebrating with all of our closest friends and family, we couldn’t have been happier. 

This was a formal mark of our new lives together, and a new center of gravity representing where our old journeys ended, and our new lives would officially begin.

For Delaney and me, this is only the beginning.